Introductory Home & Family Herbcraft Program

Do you have dreams of becoming a herbalist?  Join us and learn how to harvest, prepare, and use herbs for wellness and first aid. This basic program is designed for beginners.  We can accommodate busy people who only have a bit of time to dedicate, while also preparing students who are entering more in depth programs such as the Community Herbcrafter or Clinical Herbcrafter. This course can be completed in 3 months, and we also offer a hybrid, condensed program that is 1/2 online for those coming from out of town. Next Offering 

Topics Include

  • Foundational concepts in holistic western herbalism to use for yourself and your family
  • Herbal First Aid for: the skin, pain, immunity, digestion, beautycare, lung health, sleep, stress, detoxification and energy
  • Gain experience making herbal remedies with experienced herbalists
  • Learn about harvesting, and processing fresh and dried plant material
  • Go on plant walks to learn what grows around you and what your could grow yourself to keep yourself healthy
  • Introductions to over 75 herbs
  • This program is both online and in person.
  • Each participant becomes a member of our Community Supported Herbal Shares and will receive a seasonal package of herbs from our menu.
  • This program is offered in the evenings or on weekends up to 3 times a year.

 $849-995 early registration or work trade/scholarship) 1 month or more offers discounts of $50 off, sign up with a friend or family member for additional discounts.  Apply below

Please Check the section that work best for you. Classes are held at the American Botanical Council in Central East Austin
Please make sure to note that parts of the programs are extremely non-conventional in terms of setting. Outdoor sections may include 1mile or more walking on trails in heated conditions, and not being able to see or hear the teacher easily at times. Please let us know if you have any reasons that you may not be able to hike or able to participate in non-traditional learning settings. We want to make sure we are a good fit for your needs.
We have a limited amount of room rentals available at Big Moon. They consist of 2 rooms in the main house that is used for classes every month, and a private 1 bedroom apartment.