Nicole Telkes: Registered Herbalist -Director, Founder, Practicing Herbalist
Anneliese Wainright RN and Herbalist “Nurbalist” teaches Intermediate to Advanced classes in A&P and Clinics
Brackin “Firecracker” Camp Yoga Therapist and Herbalist teaches Home and Family Introductory and Individual Classes
Catherine Star Martinez Moondancer and Herbalist teaches Home and Family Introductory and Individual Classes
Charlotte Kikel RH, MS, NC, ACN, MCPP Teaches Advanced Nutrition Classes
Jenny Perez MS, Horticulture, and Permaculture Design Specialist and Herbalist teaches Intermediate Classes in Permaculture and herbal farmacy
Jim Foley Office Manager and Admissions
Laurene Ashley-Deyris Apothecary and Garden Manager –aka Herb elf
Meg Houston Community Herbalist Lead Teacher for the Home and Family Herbcraft Program and Independent classes
Stephanie Berry LMW and Herbalist teaches Intermediate to Advanced Herbalism with a focus on Womens Health
William Morris  PhD, DAOM, LAc Teaches advanced classes on Pulse and Tongue.
Visiting Guest Instructors: many now can be seen at the new festival we co-created Moonflower Herbfest!

Margi Flint
Matthew Wood
Paul Bergner
Karyn Sanders
Mary Ayodele
Esther Schroeder
Maria Elena Martinez
Carla Vargas-Frank
and many more!
Core Instructors and Staff
Nicole Telkes

Nicole is a Practicing Herbalist from Austin, Texas. She has a background in botanical studies, plant conservation work, community activism, and herbal first aid clinics. Nicole began her herbal journey as a child, using wild remedies and hunting mushrooms and plants with her grandmother and family friends from Eastern Europe. After receiving a BA from the University of Texas, she began traveling and studying medicinal plants around the wild and weedy corners of North America with herbalists like Michael Moore, Howie Brounstein, Margi Flint, Matthew Wood, Will Morris, and Many Magical Others. Nicole is the author of the book the Medicinal Plants of Texas.

She believes strongly in herbal medicine being “the people’s medicine” and enlists her students and any interested parties in fulfilling her goal of putting “an herbalist in every home.” As a deep ecologist, she focuses on “weedcrafting” bioregional native and naturalized medicinal plants in herb practice. She has a great passion for the green path and education. Nicole is the Director of the Wildflower School of Botanical Medicine in Austin, offering six month to year long programs in holistic community and clinical herbalism. Nicole’s excitement is not just for studying and using plants, its about laughing, having fun, and sharing plant medicine with her community. She sees clients for integrative natural health consultations and bodywork from a Vitalist perspective. Nicole was the first of her family born on U.S. soil, so she draws from many different traditions in her practice, embracing the diversity of tradition in North American Herbal Medicine.

Nicole has taught classes and presented at conferences and symposiums including The Native Plant Society of Texas State Symposium; The American Herbalist Guild National Symposium; Traditions in Western Herbalism Conference, Arizona; Austin Herb Society; and Hill Country Herb Society, International Herb Symposium, the New England Womens Herb Symposium, Port Angeles Garden Club, Heart of Texas Herb Symposium, Herb Day Celebrations at the American Blotanical Council, Moonflower Herbfest, Traditional Roots Conference

She has provided Clinic Support for WTO Seattle, Common Ground Health Clinic and a Sundance Clinic and has been published in Earth First! Journal, Plant Healer, and AHG Newsletter. In 2016, she founded a chapter of Herbalists without Borders for the school. She was a founding member of the Traditions Not Trademark Campaign to Free Fire Ciderand is currently fighting the trademark in court.

To schedule an appointment or obtain herbs from Nicole, please contact her through her site

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Anneliese Wainright


Anneliese (“Annee”) Wainwright loves her eclectic and messy life.  She is a registered nurse managing a psychiatric partial hospitalization program, an herbalist and teacher for the Wildflower School of Botanical Medicine, a mom to two infuriating and beautiful constant motion machines commonly referred to as children, a partner to a keenly sensitive, workaholic Leo, a disciple of her zen-like standard poodle and a lifelong student of all things related to plants, allopathic and holistic medicine, yoga, spiritualism, breath work, nature and connection.

As a “nurbalist” (nurse+herbalist), Annee utilizes plant medicine and other complimentary treatment modalities daily with her psychiatric clients in both group and individual settings.  She  teaches A&P for Herbalists in the Community Program, Acute and First Aid modules of the Clinical Program and is currently developing other advanced clinical curriculum at the Wildflower School.  She was a core organizing team member for Moonflower Fest 2016, sits on the Alma de Mujer Advisory Council, is a member of the Wildflower School Herbalists Without Borders Chapter, the American Holistic Nurses Association, the American Herbalists Guild and is a citizen of the Cherokee Nation, Western Branch.

Annee is a hard-core Virgo and embraces her obsessive desire to improve the universe, revels in a tightrope dance between the allopathic, holistic, traditional and mystical realms of reality and is a recovering perfectionist.
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Brackin Camp


Brackin Michelle Camp aka Firecracker is a magical fairy sprite known to be a “spark” for making s*** happen! Brackin was first introduced to the healing power of plants while living in Mexico over 20 years ago. Shortly after, she met Nicole Telkes and began traveling with her identifying plants, making medicine and using herbs as first aid at large scale political protests. Brackin started her study at the Wildflower School in its early days and completed her program and apprenticeship in 2008. In her 13 years in Austin, Brackin taught after school arts classes, worked on various political campaigns, co-founded two non-profit organizations and became a licensed massage therapist with advanced certifications in Shiatsu, Watsu, Reiki and Thai. In 2011, Brackin moved to Memphis, Tn and became a Kripalu Yoga instructor teaching workshops on Ayurveda, Therapeutic Yoga, Herbal Medicine and Essential Oils. In the last year, Brackin launched her own product line, Brackin’s Botanicals and Bodycare: potions and lotions made with all natural ingredients, highest quality herbs/oils and lots of LOVE. Brackin is ecstatic about moving back to Austin and endlessly grateful to be a part of the extraordinary ever evolving radical Wildflower School of Botanical Medicine.

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Carla Vargas-Frank

Carla used to assist with core Curriculum classes, offering classes and curriculum around folk healing and herbalism. Carla was reared in the desert southwest, home to all of her favorite plants, mountain ranges, and sunsets. She completed the certified herbalist program with the Wildflower School of Botanical Medicine in 2010 after moving to Austin, Texas, following her graduation from art school at the University of Arizona in 2008. She stuck around to feed her insatiable herbal geekery and, in doing so, earned the position of Apothecary and Market Manager in the Wildflower School Apothecary in 2011. In 2012, Carla opened La Botanica, a collectively run retail trailer of prepared herbs and ritual implements in East Austin where she makes and sells items from her own herbal product line, Nomadica Apothecary. Carla is inspired by all manner of medical anthropology and folk healing ritual and hopes for a return to a medical model that nourishes the spirit as well as the body. Carla has now moved back to the desert but continues as a guest teacher when she visits and has been a vital and important part of the school, so she stays up here as a part of the heart of the school.

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Catherine Martinez

Bio Coming soon.  Moondancer, Sea Shepherd Guardian and Herbalist.  Catherine joins us in 2017 as a ta and coteacher

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Charlotte Kikel

Charlotte Kikel, MS, is a wife, mother, educator, herbalist,nutritionist, self-care advocate, and former asthmatic. When her vitality collapsed 14 years ago, conventional medicine failed her. She began studying nutrition and herbal medicine and decided to make a career out of it, striving to bring clarity and practicality to the overwhelming world of wellness. She founded Eat in Peace Wellness Consulting in 2004 and resides in Austin, Texas with her husband and son

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Jenny Perez

Community Herbalist, Horticulturist, and Permaculture Design Specialist.  Jenny loves all things green.  After completing Bastyr’s University’s herbal sciences undergraduate program, Jenny accepted a job as the herb garden manager, a position she held for seven years. While there, Jenny taught student interns in the federal work-study program and transformed the University’s 5,000-square-foot herbal garden into a living laboratory.  Jenny Perez joined the American Botanical Council team in September 2012 as the organization’s new education coordinator.


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Jim Foley

Admissions and Office Manager, and Nicole’s husband.  Jim works to help students get what they need so that the herbalists can focus on herbs! Jim calls himself a “herbalist by proxy” and when he isnt managing the office, he’s working as a carpenter and a full time student.  He loves hiking around greenbelts and supporting the work of getting a herbalist into every home.

Growing up into a french-creole/cajun family around the dreamy swamps of New Orleans, Laurène developed a love for nature at a young age.She went on to study Photojournalism and French at the University of New Orleans and then took off to live in the south west of France where she would spend the next 10 years frequenting the ocean, hiking the Pyrénées, harvesting grapes and when time allowed, teaching English and working as a freelance photographer. A wanderer at heart, she has backpacked in many different countries and has been harvesting bananas in Thailand and wild blueberries in Norway with the WWOOF organization. It was only natural that she fall into the world of plant medicine. She returned to the US in 2015, and attended her first weekend immersion course in plant medicine with an apothecary in New Orleans. Upon her move to Austin, she contacted the Wildflower School and without hesitation committed herself to following the program to the end. A self-taught artist. Her work is heavily influenced by the botanical world, and the simplicity of the japanese arts. She has most recently set up her own ceramic studio where she keeps her hands dirty making pottery.Passionate about plants and healing, she loves working with the Wildflower team and is excited to see where this journey is going to take her.

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Meg Houston

Sprouting up in rural Arkansas, Meg grew with the pies and cedars of the Ozark and Ouachita Forests. She credits the alchemy of home and the inherent southern folk medicine present there for inspiring her life path as an herbalist. She began her education by writing about the flowers, obtaining a BA in both Creative Writing and Spanish from the University of Central Arkansas. Her formal herbal studies commenced shortly thereafter at the Wildflower School of Botanical Medicine with Nicole Telkes. Upon completing the Community Herbalist Program, she moved to the Rocky Mountains and studied Advanced Herbalism at the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism. She has attended several herbal
conferences over the years, and continues to have an insatiable appetite for all things plants and magick. Meg is currently enrolled in Aviva Romm’s Herbal Medicine for Women’s course and is refining her practice to focus on women and
children, particularly in the realms of birth and advocacy for reproductive rights. As a queer woman, she is also passionate about working with LGBTQ people whoare often marginalized in the world of healthcare. Meg’s approach to teaching is
light-hearted and playful, encouraging curiosity and comfortability. She believes that herbal medicine is a birthright, and that the very best teachers we have are the plants themselves and our own innate wisdom, if only we listen.

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Stephanie Berry

Stephanie manages the Home and Family Program, assists with intermediate and advanced core curriculum classes and helps to run the student clinic at the school, designing curriculum and classes for women in holistic health. From Steph: “Welcome to your herb journey! I started mine in 2004 with chronic sinus infections. I found wonderful women to guide me to health and spiritual healing that I maintain today and eagerly pass on to anyone who shows interest. After giving birth to my wonderful little girl Kira, I decided to pursue herbalism to support women as a doula and now as a midwife. I will finish my clinical work at Birthwise Birth and Family Center in 2013 and receive my Midwifery license. I’ve been focusing on women’s health and children for the last 10 years. I am excited to start a new year with the Wildflower School to offer my experience and knowledge to the budding and experienced herbalists alike.

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Will Morris PhD, DAOM, LAc is the president emeritus of AOMA

Will is an internationally renowned expert on Chinese pulse diagnosis and his book on the subject was published by China Medical Publishing House in 2010. He was awarded Acupuncturist of the Year in 2008 by the American Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Practicing Chinese medicine since 1980, Will has published more than 50 articles. He has served on editorial boards for the American Acupuncturist, the Journal of Acupuncture and Tuina Science and the Journal of Transformative Studies, and provides pre-publication assessment services for the medical publisher, Elsevier. His clinical specialty is in the area of pain management from a bio-psycho-social point of view. He also has experience treating allergies, autoimmune disorders, depression, anxiety and dermatological conditions. Will has taught and published on all of these topics in national and international forums. Will has been at AOMA  since 2005.

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Testimonials“The study of medicinal plants is probably a lifetime study. This course provides the essential tools to enter into the magnificent world of healing with herbs. The information provided is empowering!”

Esther Schroeder
BS Alma de Mujer
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