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Application for In Person Wildflower School Programs



Would you like to study with us in person?  Please fill out the following application and fee.   After applying, you will need to schedule an interview.  Once you complete your interview, are accepted,  and register($500), your space is held. The remaining balance is due the first day of class or you may request a payment plan. All in person students will have FULL access to our new expanded online program resources as well as onsite and live-streamed classes.

Next Program Schedule Here indoor with doors and windows open and additional distancing and safety guidelines.  Click here for updated COVID protocols to decide whether online or in-person is right for you 

2022 Spring Schedules will be on weekends and evenings, with livestream options.  Please refer to the different programs and prices on our site, or ask us about them at your interview.

$250 Application fee is non-refundable upon acceptance.  This fee will be applied as a deposit towards the balance of your program.  $500 additional dollars is required to hold your place in the upcoming program(also applied to balance) and the rest is due by the first day of classes.  If for some reason we cannot accept you we will refund you minus a $50 administrative fee.   This deposit will be held for up to one year and may be applied to online or onsite programs.  

COVID 19 Update:  due to the unpredictable nature of the ongoing pandemic, we reserve the right to determine if we need to move this class entirely online and we make an online live stream option with outdoor options available to our students who are not vaccinated or not comfortable with attending in person.  All incoming onsite students will be asked to show proof of vaccination to attend in the classroom or a doctors note and negative PCR test before joining us in person.  We continuously reevaluate our policy based on the latest science and expert recommendations.

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This application fee acts as a deposit upon acceptance and becomes non refundable at that time.   It is good for one year.  If for some reason we cannot accept you we will return the deposit minus a $50 administrative fee.  Please make sure to fill out the associated form that should be located below the fee here before you leave the site!

Please Check the section that work best for you. Onsite Classes are held at the American Botanical Council or a field location to see wild plants.
Please make sure to note that parts of the programs are extremely non-conventional in terms of setting. Outdoor sections may include 1mile or more walking on trails in heated conditions, and not being able to see or hear the teacher easily at times. Please let us know if you have any reasons that you may not be able to hike or able to participate in non-traditional learning settings. We want to make sure we are a good fit for your needs.
all in person program students are required to show proof of vaccination or a doctors note as to why they cannot get vaccinated as well unvaccinated students must show a negative PCR test before attending in person classes each time