Home and Family Herbcraft: Introductory Certificate Program


Pay full tuition here now.   This introductory program is great for those who are just starting to “get their hands dirty” with herbalism.    3 months  95 hours.  $995, save $50 if early registered.  Ask about our friends and family coupon(sign up with a friend or family member to receive the coupon).  Register here to hold your place.

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Home and Family Herbcraft
So you want to be a herbalist? Come learn how to harvest, prepare and use herbs for wellness and first aid. This introductory program is great for those who are just starting to “get their hands dirty” with herbalism.   Our main goals are to get you familiarized with everything herbalists need to know to use herbs at home with their family.  There are no prerequisites and you do not need to have any prior training in herbal medicine.  You may either take the program to use as a family herbalist or use it to prepare to  enter our more in depth programs such as the intermediate Community Herbcraft or advanced Clinical Herbcraft.   This course can be completed in 3 months, and we also offer a hybrid, condensed program that is 1/2 online for those coming from out of town.  3 month program, 95 hours

Foundational concepts in holistic Western herbalism
Introduction to over 75 herbs as your materia medica
Hands-on experience with traditional  and modern herbal remedies with highly experienced herbal instructors
Introduction to harvesting, processing, and drying of plant material-weedcrafting and gardening
Go on bioregional plant walks to learn what grows around you and what your could grow yourself to keep yourself healthy
Herbal First Aid for: the skin, pain, immunity, digestion, beautycare, lung health, sleep, stress, detoxification and energy
Recommended: Herbcrafter Class Notebook, Medicinal Plants of Texas, The New Holistic Herbal by David Hoffman
This program is offered 3X a year.
Sept 26 start date Tuesday/Thursday Evenings(as about our online options if you are coming from far away)
Jan 2018 start date(hybrid)
May 2018 start date(hybrid)


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