Community Herbcraft: Introductory + Intermediate Herbal Certificate Program

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The complete onsite 350 hour Intermediate, Community Herbcraft Program.



The onsite 350 hour Intermediate and Introductory Community Herbcraft Program, is offered weekends and/or weekday evenings once a year, at our Main campus in Cedar Creek and at the American Botanical Council in East Austin depending on the program, from Jan-May.   This program is for those that would like to learn the basics and continue there studies and go deeper in to working with herbs in their community.  Look for an online component for part of the program coming in 2018. Advanced plant identification tools allows you to connect to your weedy allies confidently. This program is a prerequisite to go on to Part 3 of our Programs, in Clinical Herbalism.

Prerequisites: Foundational Herbcraft

The Program provides students with a solid understanding and practice of bioregional holistic western herbalism and prepares students to be able to practice in there communities on with herbal first aid. The program consists of intermediate to advanced concepts and subjects in holistic herbal medicine

  • Solid understanding of the categorization of herbs by holistic western property and actions
  • Advanced preparation and farmacy work creating potent extracts by understanding constituents
  • Hands on botanical field identification and harvesting techniques with wild and garden Texas medicinals
  • Grasping both Western Anatomy and Physiology as well as Holistic Western Constitutional Medicine(Greek-Physiomedicalist-Michael Moore)
  • Over 150 herbs are covered as simples and in basic pairing and triunal formulation
  • Permaculture and Gardening for herbalists
  • How to offer first aid and herbal products to your community
  • Flower essence work and plant sits to connect you to the spirit of herbalism



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