Clinical Herbcraft: Clinical Only Advanced Program


Practicing Herbcraft Clinical Certificate Program Sept-Dec 2018,  Part 3 only .  Held around Central Texas.  Main campuses are in East Austin and Cedar Creek, TX evenings and weekends.200+ hours of training



Prerequisite: Completion of Introductory and Intermediate program, or testing into

Clinical Herbcraft Certificate Program
The Wildflower School is pleased to offer this very special Onsite clinical training program for those wanting to use herbalism in practice with clients. What makes this program unique is the exploration of what it means to practice herbalism in a clinical setting drawing from practitioners that have diverse philosophies and backgrounds.  Instead of teaching you one way to practice, we introduce you to many practitioners and ways to see clients. This complete certificate program includes our introductory, intermediate and advanced programs.  It can be completed within 1 year, and has over 600+ hours of training.  This portion is for those that would like to test out and take the clinical portion only.

  • Ability to effectively and efficiently gather information and research health imbalances from clients.
  • Learn Basic Constitutional assessment skills and begin to apply them (reading the body, pulse, and tongue)
  • Be able to create holistic and first aid protocols for various health issues. Be prepared to be exposed to about 150 herbs.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of several common chronic pathologies herbalists see in clinic (autoimmune issues, gut health, endocrine disorders, inflammation, infections, pain)
  • Gain experience formulating and filling orders from an apothecary garden/bioregional model for clients as well as learning how to follow up in clinic
  • Learn foundational concepts in practitionership and business building

This path may be new to you or you may be an established clinician that wants to add herbal medicine to your bag of tricks. The program begins with Home and Family (Part1), Community herbcraft (Part 2) and adds in an additional onsite 200+ hrs of clinical training focusing on seeing clients, clinical skills, and using herbs in practice. The complete clinical path totals over 600+ hours of training.  This portion only is 200hrs+

The schedule is comprised of 6 days of class every other week, and is quite rigorous. Intensives may be taken individually if there is space. Some classes with guest practitioners may be open to the public. Parts of this program may be joined into by webinar.

Expect  30 hours of classes every other week on a specific theme. Each theme will include clinical theaters, case studies, advanced materia medica and formulation, and advanced lectures in whatever the theme is..

2017 Intensives Include Special Guest Herbalists Every Month as well as current clinical faculty Nicole Telkes, RH(AHG) Stephanie Berry Herbalist and LMW , Anneliese Wainwright Herbalist and RN, Will Morris LAc, and Charlotte Kikel MS, RH(AHG), CAN

Cost of  2018 Clinical Herbcraft Program Only: $2750, must test out and be interviewed

Payment plans available.


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