Foundations in North American Holistic Herbalism Live Online 10 part Course


10 part go at your own pace online series.  Prerequisite for all programs at the Wildflower School.


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Webinar Series: Foundations in Herbal Medicine: 10 classes with activities and quizzes

10 1.5 hour classes(15 hours) with Director and Founder of the Wildflower School Nicole Telkes, RH

This series is a prerequisite for anyone thinking of applying for programs and familiarizes you and offers a solid foundation for those new to the world of holistic North American bioregional herbalism.  We offer this 1X a year live, and after as a recorded series. Classes meet for 1.5 hours weekly in the evening and are followed by a quiz and some additional homework that must be completed at the end of each week. Once all quizzes and homework has been received, you receive a certificate. Nicole developed this series in 2001, and began making it available online in 2015.  Upon registering, you will be provided with a few more details. In 2018, there will be some tailored options for those coming from different bioregions, so that the classes talking about gardening and bioregional plants apply to your area.

Class 1  Introduction to Herbal Medicine: The North American Tradition basic definitions and concepts

Class 2 -, A History and Herstory of Holistic Western Herbalism  Mystery herb shipped prior to class if you sign up within 1 week of online presentations

Class 3- Herbal Materia Medica: learn how herbs work in body–Properties and Administration from both a first aid perspective

Class 4 –  Energertics and constitutional/tonic approaches with herbs for various ailments.

Class 5-  Introduction to various Herbal Preparations and Constituents.  Understanding when to use a tea, tincture, salve

Class 6-Biochemistry, solvency and the qualities. Practice making a preparation and turning in your creation as homework!

Class 7 Plant Identification for Herbalists and Gardeners.  Learn how plants are classified scientifically, as well as strategies for proper in field identification.

Class 8 Bioregional focus on Gardening for Medicinal Plants where you live– tailored to participants

Class 9  Permaculture and Wild Foraging for Native Medicinals.  Learn how to practice Earth Centered wild harvesting techniques,

Class 10 A Virtual Weed Walk and common wild  medicinal plants you may encounter and how they are used in both food and medicine.  Registrants receive 10% off of Nicole’s new book on the Medicinal Plants of Texas if registered within a week of classes starting.

You may choose the live version, or a go at your own pace prerecorded course.($200)  The next live version begind June 3 2019 for 10 weeks at 7:30PM Central Standard Time


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