Herbal Actions & Energetics: Part 1 Actions


Herbal Actions and Energetics from a holistic Western paradigm. Prerequisites required. Feb 1, Feb 2 10-6PM plus attending 3 our our proving classes on Monday night every other Monday you choose 3.  25 hours


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This intermediate module go deep into understanding how herbs work through the properties, actions and humoral energetics plants hold. Learn how their flavors, colors, and growth habits all tell a story about their use. We approach the understanding from a Western holistic paradigm, and discuss some similiarities and differences with other cultures, like Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Participants must either have completed the Introductory program or test into the section to be able to enroll
Properties Discussed:
Astringents and Tonics
Aromatics and Diffusives
Calming and Antispasmodic Herbs



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