Herbal Fun for Kids


Begins May 6

3 weekly meetings connecting to plants and nature. Are your kids sick of being stuck at home? I am super excited to offer a fun afterschool series for kids 5-10. This is in honor of all of my friends that are working and being teachers and in celebration of Spring! Available as recordings. There are 5 spots every class for people who have lost their jobs and really want this for their kids. The price is per household, not per child.


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3 weekly meetings. 45 minutes ages 5-10 3PM PDT/6PM EST.  Recordings Available if you miss it live.

Week 1: Make your own Shrub! A shrub is a sweet and sour drink that can be drinken instead of gatorade or sodas

Week 2: Make magic wands  and  a potion spray

Week 3: Find Patterns in nature, scavenger hunt and fairy houses.





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