Herbcraft: The Complete Guide to 21st Century Holistic Western Herbalism


HerbCraft was born out of the social, environmental  and health unrest in 2020.  The Covid19 pandemic forced Nicole to slow down, and make her teaching and passion for plant medicine available in new and creative ways.  She saw the pandemic as a challenge, and finished this 300 page introductory guide for working with plants as a reference for her courses.  This guide isn’t just about what plants are good for what, but paints a picture of what it means to live as a folk herbalist today, and how to empower yourself to take charge of your own health safely and mindfully.  She keeps a sharp focus on sustainability and personal responsibility, as well as creating an easy to use guide that celebrates ancient plant wisdom, while connecting it to our modern world.

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Nicole’s New book, special limited first edition.


Here is what herbalist Margi Flint has to say about it

“So, you want to be an herbalist? Start here. HERB CRAFT is a gift for all people engaging with plants on our Earth.  Good herbal practice begins and ends with self-care. This is care is intertwined with the sharing of practical lessons creating a solid foundation to become an herbalist. Nicole imparts respect for our history, elders, varied practices, terminology and practical conversational instruction. There is an ease to her writing. Delightful tips like “…to make herbal remedies, especially if you are wanting to capture aromatics. Ahhh.  You will feel the warmth of her love for our friends the plants, the reverence for our elders, the wisdom of her experience will light your way.

Nicole Telkes has birthed HERB CRAFT the complete guide to western holistic herbalism! Always find books written by practicing herbalists! You can really hear her wisdom on the pages from the many years of teaching Wildflower School of Botanical Medicine programs, walking on and off the paths of woods, desert, shores and plains, sleeping under stars, then returning to the apothecary to create formulations properly. Yes, the plants will have their way!

I have been practicing over forty years and learned so much new information in this amazing book.  It will sit on the first shelf in my busy office between books written by my most revered mentors. I look forward to making it dog-eared.”


HerbCraft covers everything you need to know to get started as a socially and environmentally responsible Folk Herbalist.  Take a look at the Table of Contents:

Chapter 1  Learning to Listen to Earth Rhythms:  Connecting to Cycles and Seasons.

Chapter 2  Tracing the Family Tree of Holistic Western Herbalism

Chapter 3  How Herbs Affect Different Bodies.

Chapter 4  Connecting Outdoors: Sustainable Harvests

Chapter 5   Lessons in Health: Prevention and Herbal First Aid

Chapter 6  Making Your Own Herbal Remedies.

Chapter 7  Evidence-Based Herbal Medicine

How to Research and Critically Evaluate Herbal Information

Chapter 8  Materia Medica



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