Viriditas Arcana: Unveiling Plant Mysteries through “Provings”


Herbal Properties, Energetics and Materia Medica Provings: Go deep into properties and herbal energetics with our Materia Medica mystery provings online course Livesteam meetings Thursday Evenings April 1-June 3 5:30 PM  with additional lectures to do outside of class.  Herb kit for purchase for course.


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How well do you really know plants? How can you tell what herbs can do? This is one of our most fun and experiential classes, where we sip on tea and delve into learning plants from sitting with them and figuring out their actions and energetics in our body. This plant is about learning by turning your analytical mind off(as well as possible) and experiencing plants energetically. We will dissect plants from the inside out as we carefully go through plant provings. These mystery provings have become a favorite among students who keep the practice going in the community.

Before each live meeting there will be lecture material and reading to prepare prior to class. Students will have access to an online platform

This class is considered intermediate level at our school.  It requires completion of the Introductory Herbcraft program, or successful completion of a placement exam.


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