Professional Herbcraft Apprenticeships: Apply Here


We offer a few apprenticeship tracks for people who would like to build their skills professionally

Clinical Herbalism: Our Clinical Herbalist Certification Apprenticeship is for students that want to receive training as Western Clinical Herbalists. It includes going in-depth into the pathophysiology of disease, holistic treatment protocols using, drop dosage botanicals, safety and contraindications, and advanced formulation and preparation work.  Students will be able to observe live clinical interactions in our clinics and gather body assessment skills. Clinical Herbalism Certification includes an Educator track where students will be offering live classes. Upon successful completion, you may apply to continue on with assisting with seeing clients in upcoming clinics and personal mentorship. 100-400 hours of coursework and additional mentorship hours.  Offerings depend on the year. Once all coursework is completed, you are able to move into mentorship and clinic. (Includes Teacher training)($999-$2999)


Herbal Teacher Training: Our Educator Apprenticeship is for people who want to learn how to teach herbalism safely and efficiently both online and in person.  Teacher training This includes offering live classes to the community as part of your coursework, and is extremely hands on. 


Apothecary Garden Training: Our Seed to Sale Apprenticeship is for people that want to learn how to grow herbs and bring them to market.  It consists of working in gardens and apothecaries as well as assisting at markets and events in front of people. 

We are taking applications for advanced apprentices interested in Clinical Herbalism, Teacher Training, and Apothecary Garden training.  To apply, please fill out the following application and pay the $250 fee

Applicants must be in good standing with the school and graduating in Sept from the Community Program, or already be graduates. If you have completed training elsewhere of at least 300 hours, you may apply.  Applicants who have trained elsewhere will need to complete an assessment test which costs an additional $75(taken from the deposit). 

This is an application deposit that is non-refundable upon acceptance.  This fee credits toward the balance of your program.   If for some reason we cannot accept you we will refund you minus a $50 administrative fee and any additional costs of assessing from the test provided($75).




Please make sure to submit this form and then pay the $250 application fee.  We will contact you shortly!

Additional questions and interview process will apply.


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