Women’s Health Apprenticeship Application Fee


Womens Holistic Health Apprenticeship Application Hands-on Herbal training – 3 months (12 weeks) around new moon and full moon. Current Program students may use the application they have on file. $500 1 work trade position available.


Additional questions and interview process will apply.

With Stephanie Berry, LM, CPM, Clinical Herbalist, Wildflower School Faculty

Hands-on Herbal training. Current Program students may use the application they have on file. Each Section must be prepaid and completed successfully before continuing on the next. Each level builds upon itself and will be completed within 6 weeks. 20 hours of training each section including reading assignments, online learning, onsite work and learning, and quizzes that must be completed to move on to the next level.
Level 1 4 onsite meetings and additional online and homework
Level 2 4 onsite meetings and additional online and homework
Level 3 4 onsite meetings and additional online and homework
1 partial work trade position available.  Preference is given to current students and they can use the application we have on file.

Current program students please request a separate application process from the school by emailing us,

Each meeting is at our Austin Office space for 4 to 6 hours hrs of in-person work on a weekday.
Interested in learning integrated and holistic health specifically for women? Hormone balance, emotional awareness and nutrition play major roles in the transitions women experience throughout life.
During this apprenticeship you’ll be:
Guided by the seasons, self care and mindfulness in specific health challenge
topics depending on the season:
–Generally anxiety and depression
–Pregnancy and menopausal transitions
–Herb safety and awareness for pregnancy, postpartum and breastfeeding
–Using herbs with children
–Energetics and healing from trauma
–Make preparations and formulas (specifically related to women’s health and pregnancy)
–Reading your body, signs & cycles of female health
–Creating a lifestyle of mindful health, taking time to understand and self reflect
–Circling with other women on your path

About Stephanie:

Stephanie Berry is the go-to guide for health and well being at Well & Behaved & The Village Apothecary where she’s using herbal medicine and midwifery to change the world of health care for those of us sporting a uterus. She’s helped over one hundred women birth outside of the hospital as a midwife. Stephanie loves helping women heal from painful periods, bloating, irrational eating every month as well with simple herbal remedies and lifestyle hacks.
She realized how much power women hold when she birthed her first baby at home (foot on a cooler, Texas-style) with just the rock solid support of her partner. It led her to create a biz for women with women. Find out more at www.wellandbehaved.com

What I/we hope to to cultivate a strong sense of trust in our own body and our own innate knowing. While I could sell you on why herbs are amazing and totally needed or why midwifery care is ultimately the best form of health care for you and your family. What I really want you to know if that you can have health and happiness without those things “I sell”

I do want to offer and share with you how to get to that place. Because we always say as herbalists (and I say it as a midwife) that I want to teach my way out of a job. I don’t want you to Have To take herbs forever. I want you to trust in your humanness enough to birth your baby into your own hands.

This trust doesn’t always exist. We have it when we are young. We trust that someone will feed us and keep us warm. Along the way we have been taught, or we learned from experience that those things aren’t always there or that our own understanding of our body and mind aren’t what we feel in our hearts.

I’ve created a space for you to join me, wherever you are in you journey back to trust and vitality, to relearn and cultivate the truth that is in your soul/heart and every cell do your body.

It incorporates the physical symptoms of illness and your current mindset.



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