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Herbal Medicine is the People’s Medicine

We teach the responsible, ethical, and safe use of herbal medicine

Our core values include:

  • Earth-friendly weedcrafting and wildcrafting
  • Use of abundant, weedy, bioregional medicinal plants
  • Deepen connections to plant spirit and knowledge
  • Making herbal medicine accessible to all through service and education
  • Honoring oral tradition and inclusivity in herbalism

Spreading the Seeds of the Herbal Revolution

Our students follow the call to become herbalists

“ I feel like I should tell you that you + your school have literally changed my entire life. I enrolled, and a month later I officially quit my restaurant job. Last week, I started working on a small farm in Bellville, where my focus will be the herb garden + greenhouse. I cannot thank you enough for the knowledge and time that you’ve put in to your courses and your life’s work in general. Everything that has happened in my life since discovering herbalism, you, and your school feels like it’s been divinely guided. “

Alysha S.

“ I took my first class at Wildflower this weekend and I can’t believe how content-rich it was! Two days later, I have already made my first medicinal syrups. I already feel like my and my family’s health are in my hands in a whole new way. I can’t wait to learn more! “

Ellen Stansell, PhD, RYT

“Nicole and her team are kind and welcoming from the start. You can easily see the passion for their school, but also above all else they were very professional. I felt at ease by their friendliness but also impressed by the way in which they conduct business. From the moment I met Nicole, I knew Wildflower School would be a place of joy and an immense amount of knowledge for my journey with herbalism.“

Bailey Tucker

“ Nicole is an amazing and inspiring storyteller. Her passion for herbalism as a people’s medicine shows through in her energetic and enthusiastic teaching style. It is so important to get familiar with the roots of our passions and honor those who came before us; honoring their struggles as well as their successes! Nicole brought to life the stories of herbalists who are no longer here, as well as nurturing the love and curiosity I feel for the modern herbalists whose shoulders I stand upon. I am so excited for the next time we cross paths! “

Sheryl Ana

“After the first class I felt as if I had found my spirit again. I got into gardening about 4 years ago when I lost my job and spent time working for a local nursery at minimum wage, but it was the best time of my life… So when I found your website it was like the universe was speaking to me again in a way only I could understand! Thanks you for the foundational information you provided in such a short time and for helping me down a new, exciting journey of wellness and health for myself and my family. I truly believe this will enrich my knowledge and education especially with a holistic approach to medicine! As a nurse, it only adds to my passion for serving others! I am eternally grateful!“

Veronica Lujan Lubbock, TX Foundations 2017

“Nicole has a casual style of teaching that is well informed, interesting, and a pleasure to hear. She generously shares her passion and knowledge of herbalism and offers many options for furthering your education on the subject. She is conscientious and respectful in regard to harvesting and wildcrafting and emphasizes its necessity in the future of herbalism. I wasn’t sure about taking the entire series of intensives until the first day of class and decided without reservations that I would be remiss not to take advantage of having such an enthusiastic, knowledgeable and dedicated teacher as Nicole.“

“The Wildflower School is exactly what I was looking for. I enjoy exploring all senses while learning about herbal medicine. Nicole is an informative, well-spoken instructor who energizes each class by sharing her experiences and resources. She is very encouraging and believes in her work as well as her students. Her gestalt method of teaching brings along the class and keeps everyone engaged and excited about the material. I strongly encourage anyone interested in herbal medicine and herbal traditions to take her courses.“

Ivy Zwicker The Hill Country Herbalist

All Wild Flowers Welcome

Ecologists agree that a diverse ecosystem is a healthier one

We strive to create an environment of love and tolerance towards all students, staff, clients, customers, and vendors.

Everyone is welcome to apply and be a part of the school as we work towards making everyone feel included.

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We Steward the Land with Love

We manage an 8.5 acre botanical sanctuary and apiary, and
are committed to conservation work

Big Moon Bee Farm and Botanical Sanctuary is a magical place dedicated to land stewardship, wildlife preservation, and plants.

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