In-Person Program Refunds
Refunds are available within 30 days of the program start date minus your application and registration fee. (If the program starts September 1, you must withdraw 30 days before the start date, August 1st, to receive a refund minus registration and application fee ). We do not issue refunds after the first day of class.

Withdrawal due to emergency hardship (death, illness, accident) is considered on a case-by-case basis. If you believe your situation is considered an emergency hardship, the school must be informed via live verbal communication (Zoom or in-person meeting) within one week by scheduled appointment to discuss your individual situation. Email notifications will not be considered for any emergency withdrawals.

Livestreams, Apprenticeships, Single Classes, Intensives, Event refunds
For all classes under $25:
There are no refunds , unless otherwise specified in the sign up for your class.

For in person or livestream single classes or events over $25:
Cancellations over 30 days before the event are refunded at 50%.
Cancellations 7 to 30 days before an event are refunded at 25%.
Cancellations within 6 days of the event, there are no refunds but we may share a link to the event for later viewing, if the event is recorded.

Online Programs, Minicourses, Subscription Libraries, and Go at your own pace classes
Please see the policies on the learning platform, outlined per class on the class description page for later viewing, if the event is recorded. Subscriptions and other payment plans are self regulated, and can be canceled in your dashboard.


Program Withdrawals
Please refer to the paperwork you receive and sign when you register for the program. Withdrawals are refundable within the time-frame indicated in your program paperwork, requiring signing before classes start. If you withdraw after the time allotted, your place has been held and you are liable for the full amount. Once a program has started there are no refunds.

Withdrawal due to emergency hardship (death, illness, accident) is considered on a case-by-case basis. If you believe your situation is considered an emergency hardship, the school must be informed via live verbal communication (Zoom or in-person meeting) within one week by scheduled appointment to discuss your individual situation. Email notifications will not be considered for any emergency withdrawals.

Individual Class Cancellations & Withdrawals
The Wildflower School requires a 5 student minimum to hold any class in-person. If a course or class does not make and is cancelled by the school, you will receive a full refund. If a class is cancelled by our school for some unknown reason such as weather or illness, you will receive a full refund and we will inform you to the situation as soon as possible. If you choose, you can apply your payment to the rescheduled class date or another class.

Plant walks and outdoor classes will only be rescheduled if the weather is unsafe for travel or attendance. This does not include drizzle and rain. If weather is unsafe for travel or attendance, we will post an update the afternoon prior to the class.

We require pre-payment to register for most individual classes. Only those that prepay will be ensured handouts and a seat. If you decide to show up at an onsite event to pay at the door, you may not be ensured a spot in class.


If you receive a product or supply you are unhappy with or concerned about, please contact us within 1 week of purchase. We are happy to try to replace any damaged or otherwise problematic items if we are able to. If the item is damaged in shipping, please provide the tracking number so we can file a claim with the carrier.


Our policy changes as the pandemic changes. At this time, we require that anyone in person classes be in good health.  Inside we may require masks.  For other outdoor classes, we require social distancing and have a health screening questionnaire. These guidelines and policies can change at any time.  If you are taking individual classes, please refer to the details we send at registration.  

We have extra sanitation guidelines in place, keep doors and windows open whenever possible, as well as additional sanitation of surfaces. We have hand sanitizer available, and discourage the sharing of food or herbs between students.

If you are enrolled and do not feel well, please take your temperature. If you have a fever or other signs or symptoms of infection(chills, aches, nausea, stuffy head, diarrhea, colored phlegm, snottiness) please stay home. If you come to class, and the teacher thinks you may be infectious, you may be asked to go home. If you or someone in your household or workplace has tested positive for the COVID 19 in the past 10 days, we ask that you stay home and quarantine and/or show us a negative test to be able to come back to class if its under 10 days.

Due to the pandemic, many lectures will be recorded so we will still be able to get you the content in the event you cannot attend in-person. Anyone not adhering to our protocols or endangering others may be asked to leave the program and are still liable for the full amount owed.

We reserve the right to change these policies as pandemic guidelines and policies change from medical and health experts. If we deem it necessary, we may go back to a full online program, or move to an outdoor classroom. By taking courses at the school during the pandemic, you agree to abide by our guidelines, and our decisions about how we offer content. Thanks for your kind attention to keeping everyone well.

Inclusivity Statement

The Wildflower School of Botanical Medicine practices politically compassionate communication and is part of a network of herbal practitioners that believe that diversity builds resistance and strong communities, both in the wild and domesticated versions of life.

Everyone is welcome to apply and be a part of the school and we work towards making everyone feel as included and listened to as possible. We strive to create an environment of love and tolerance towards all students, staff, clients, customers, and vendors. Ecologists and other scientists agree, a diverse ecosystem is a healthy ecosystem.

We practice enacting these values through our actions and learning environment.

We understand that everyone is coming from a different set of life experiences and work to create an environment that encourages everyone’s voice and wisdom. We try to be aware that everyone has different life experiences and his/herstories, as well as some have more privilege to take into account when communicating with others.

We believe in horizontal learning, not top down. Those of us at the Wildflower School of Botanical Medicine believe in the idea of herbal medicine as “medicine of the people” and that everyone deserves equal access to good health care and education. We actively encourage our students to develop both critical and compassionate thinking skills.

We do not discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation, race, gender expression, religious affiliation, disability, military status, neurodivergence, or anything that makes someone unique.

We also make sure that there are sliding scale and gifted options for education whenever possible. We are working hard to create the world we would like to see. Scholarship opportunities have always gone first to those who are struggling through cultural oppression due to race, religion, age, sexual orientation or gender identity.

Scholarship and Sliding Scale

General Guidelines
The Wildflower School has a limited number of need-based scholarships and sliding scale options for online and in person programs available to low-income students who cannot otherwise afford tuition. Our intention is to increase diversity and accessibility of our student body by enabling students from marginalized or underserved communities to attend more easily.

We especially encourage applications from: persons from low-income and BIPOC communities, single parents or caregivers raising minor children or providing eldercare, LGBTQIA community members, those on fixed income, or people with a disability/ies or physical impairments.

The scholarship application process is limited and competitive. We sliding scale offerings are available for online participants, and work trade is only available to in person participants. Scholarship awards are paid from a Scholarship Fund that is supported by donations.

All students have a week to decide if the program works for them with a full discount minus a $50 administrative fee

Determining Need: Self-Evaluation Needs Screen and Green Bottle Scale
Determining need is complex. People often see themselves through various lenses of need. Financial need also has to do with where you live and your living situation.

For all scholarships, work-trade, and sliding scale, you will be asked to verify your financial need with pay stubs or tax returns. We also want to know where you fit on the Green Bottle Scale below.

Please consider the following questions:

Do I make car payments?
Do I have health insurance?
Do I have anyone else I care for financially?
Do I have debt?
Do I have savings?
Can I afford to go on vacation?
Am I on a fixed income?

In reference to the Green Bottle Scale, ask yourself: Are you full? Half Full? Or almost Empty? This lovely image comes from Worts and Cunning Apothecary. They did a great job!

In addition to the SENS, our range of sliding scale uses the following range based on the current Federal Poverty Level:
$35,000-$50,000 up to 10% off
$25,000-$35,000 up to 25%
0-$25,000 up to 50% or more off if applicable

In-Person Scholarships & Work Trade

We offer 2 Scholarships per awardee per year offering up to 50% off in person tuition. You must apply by August 1 for a September 1 Award and Jan 1 for a February 1 Award.

We also offer 1 work trade position per program for up to 50% off for each program; no essay is required for the work trade application.

Neither work trade nor scholarships for in-person training will exceed 50% of tuition. The number of scholarships and the amount of each award will depend on the yearly availability of funds.

For successful applicants who are enrolled and in good standing, awards will be paid directly towards your tuition, and your balance adjusted. Returning awardees who wish to apply for continuing scholarships must successfully complete their previous program to reapply.

All scholarship Wildflower School students must remain in good standing. Students who are not in good standing are subject to expulsion from the school.

Scholarships paid to students who leave or are expelled during the tuition refund period will be returned to the scholarship fund.

Eligibility for In-Person Program Scholarships and Work Trade
To be eligible for a Wildflower School In Person Program Scholarship or Work Trade, applicants must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  1. Applicant must be fully enrolled in one of the following programs: Home and Family Herbcraft, Community Herbcraft, Professional Apprenticeship, Garden Apothecary Internship.

    Full enrollment means all scholarship and work-trade applicants must apply online, pay the $250 deposit, be accepted, and pay the $500 registration fee prior to filling out the scholarship application.

    The deposit and registration will be refunded upon request to scholarship applicants who do not receive awards, or if an award they receive is insufficient for them to attend minus a $50 non-refundable administrative fee for all applicants.

  2. Demonstrate financial need, generally defined as household income up to 200% of Federal Poverty Level*(see above) as well as self evaluation needs screening (see below).
  3. Completion of the Scholarship Application, including documentation of financial need, personal statement about what you are planning to do with the training, and 2 letters of recommendation. Please see our Scholarship application form for detailed instructions.

Application for In-Person Scholarships and Work Trade
Before starting your application, please ensure you have the following documents ready as you’ll be asked to upload them within your application:

  1. Evidence of financial need (tax returns or pay stubs)
  2. Completion of Self Evaluation of Needs Screening (SENS)
  3. Scholarship Essay. This 250-500 word essay should describe what community herbalism means to you and what you plan to do with your herbal training. (for scholarship applicants only, essay not required for work trade applications).
  4. Two reference letters (for scholarship applicants only, reference letters not required for work trade applications).

To be considered for an in-person scholarship or work trade, please complete scholarship application here prior to registering for the online course.

Online Scholarships and Sliding Scale

The Wildflower School awards online program scholarships one time per calendar year. You must apply by Jan 1 for a Feb 1 Award. An awardee can receive a maximum of 2 Scholarships per year for up to 100% off one program.

We offer sliding scale for online programs for up to 50% off

To be eligible for an online scholarship or sliding scale, applicants must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  1. You must be applying for one of the following programs: The Budding Herbalist Introductory Program, Queer Herbcraft, the Medicinal Plants of Texas Course.
  2. You must demonstrate financial need, as defined as household income up to 200% of Federal Poverty Level (see above) as well as the Self-Evaluation Needs Screening (see above).

To be considered for an online scholarship or sliding scale, please complete scholarship application here prior to registering for the online course.

Unexpected Financial Hardship

Payment Plans
We also have a few options for paying off amounts over $500 in up to 3 months. Please let us know on your application if you need this. Payments for programs are made as auto deductions every month, and you are required to complete payments whether or not you complete the program.

Extensions on Paying
Sometimes life happens: we lose a job, a house, a bank card, or have an unexpected financial issue. In the case that something extreme and out of your control pops up, please make sure to follow the directions below:

  1. Please email us immediately to schedule a meeting. We require the explanation be over the phone or on zoom, email may not suffice unless notified by us that your extension is approved, .
  2. Let us know whether you will need an extension, or payment plan instead of paying your balance off in full.
  3. Sign a Promise to Pay form with the agreement. In some cases there may be a small administrative fee to adjust or set up an extension, which you will be notified about.
  4. If you do not hold up your payment agreement additional fees may be added on as specified in the Promise to Pay form.

If you do not contact us immediately to let us know your situation, we will follow the general procedure outlined in the your student paperwork for in-person students. Online students may lose access to their online platform.

If we attempt to collect the debt from you and you do not pay or respond within 1 week we will be following our general procedure as outlined on your student paperwork.

Land Acknowledgment

The Wildflower School recognizes that we are on stolen land. Our herbalists and students in Texas occupy the traditional territories of the Comanche, Lipan Apache, and Tonkawa Tribes. Depending on our travels, this occupation may extend to different territories and tribes, whom we recognize as the original stewards of the land. 

We acknowledge the precolonial true history of the land and its people, and that it is our responsibility to understand our position in relation to that land we now occupy. As such, we work to disrupt Indigenous erasure, colonization, and oppression and honor the cultural heritages of Indigenous community members.

As a community, we invite you to take action along with us. Please see links below to support  Indigenous Communities and their lands. We recognize that this does not take the place of authentic relationship building and community collaboration, an area in which we must make strides. 

As a school, we make donations every year in the form of real rent back to different tribal projects.  In 2021 we contributed to the Canoe Journey Herbalists to buy back land for their important work.

Use the Native Land resource to find out more about local Indigenous territories and languages

Support Native health & COVID-19 vaccination efforts by making a contribution 

Make a contribution to the LANDBACK Campaign

Thank you for joining us as we make this land acknowledgment and stand for action as a Wildflower School community moving forward.