In-Person Programs

Community Herbcraft Full Introductory Program

Our signature 10-12 month program for those ready to dig deep into herbal wisdom. Parts 1 and 2 Feb-June and Sept-Dec This is an exciting journey that utilizes in person and online learning for students serious about learning bioregional holistic herbalism. We cover introductory and intermediate concepts in herbal preparations, body systems, properties, energetics, botany, permaculture, foundational holistic lifestyle concepts and over 200 herbs.
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This program is for those that would like to offer herbalism not just to their families, but as an active part of their community and covers:
  • Solid understanding of the categorization of herbs by holistic western property and actions
  • Advanced preparation and farmacy work creating potent extracts by understanding constituents
  • Hands on botanical field identification and harvesting techniques with wild and garden Texas medicinals
  • Grasping both Western Anatomy and Physiology as well as Holistic Western Constitutional Medicine(Greek-Physiomedicalist-Michael Moore)
  • Over 150 herbs are covered as simples and in basic pairing and triunal formulation
  • Permaculture and Gardening for herbalists
  • How to offer first aid and herbal products to your community
  • Flower essence work and plant sits to connect you to the spirit of herbalism
Subjects include Body Systems and First Aid, Herbal Properties and Energetics from the Western Tradition, Advanced Herbal Preparation and Pharmacy, Advanced Plant identification tools, and building community with herbalism. This is a hybrid partially online and partially in person program centered around bioregional plants. This program is a prerequisite to go on to our Advanced Programs, in Clinical Herbalism/and Herbal Educator Program.


$3749 / $3499 early registration Some financing available. Inquire during application.
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Home and Family Herbcraft

Not ready to commit to the full program? Start with our 3 month program in Austin, TX.

Start your herbal path in our 3 month introductory program, held each Spring and Fall. Perfect for beginners who are just dipping into the world of herbalism and want to learn foundational concepts in healthy lifestyle, herbal first aid, and over 90 plants.

$1495 / $1395 early registration

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Self Care Series: Garden Apothecary Internship

Hands-on, outdoor learning for current students and alumni. Our seasonal, outdoor experiential internship is an add-on for current students that want to get their hands dirty beyond the classroom and do more work with plants preparations, land stewardship, nature awareness, seed saving, and gardening.  Read more about our latest offering of it under our upcoming events section here This internship is a perfect addition to the work in the classroom, or online programs and fills up quickly every year. $299-$450 sliding scale options for new students special alumni ratesApply Now

Additional Training for Students and Alumni

Professional Track Apprenticeship

Continuing education in for those wanting to continue as clinicians or other professional.

This apprenticeship is open to our Community Herbcraft graduates, intermediate or advanced students who want to go deeper with therapeutic work. The Apprenticeship may be somewhat tailored with an emphasis in clinical work, education, or general business building. There are online only options.

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