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In-Person Programs

Completed Applications, Application Fee and Placement Interview is required for those applying for full in-person programs, apprenticeships, internships, or retreats.

Applications are not required for single classes.

Online Programs

No application required for our online programs or courses at this time.

Application Process

  1. Complete your application here.
  2. Pay your application deposit.
  3. You will receive an email to schedule a placement interview.
  4. Upon acceptance, pay your registration fee at checkout to hold your spot. All fees go toward the total cost of the program your are attending.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for all of your in-person programs and professional training?

Apply! When you apply to the school, you can specify your intention on your application. There are no prerequisites for entering our Introductory programs. If you would like to try to test out of our introductory, you must apply first and then we will walk you through the process.

How long does it take to finish all your training programs?

Because we utilize online and onsite training, you may opt to finish more quickly, or take your time. Home and Family Herbcraft takes 3-6 months. Community Herbcraft Programs take 6-12 months to complete. Professional Level training, can take anywhere from 3 months to 3 years. Your options will be explained along the way as you complete the introductory and intermediate level courses.

How much is it to apply and register for a program?

All students apply and pay $250 dollar deposit. Once you have applied, we contact you to schedule a placement interview. Upon placement, we will tell you how much you need to pay to finish registering and hold your place, depending on the program you are placed into. In the unlikely event we cannot accept you, the application deposit is refunded minus a $50 administrative fee, otherwise it is nonrefundable upon acceptance. Registering for a program is an additional $250 to $750 and guarantees your place in class. All of these funds are applied to the total price of your course, and you then pay the balance.

Can I place into intermediate and advanced courses if I have a prior training?

Because herbal training is highly variable from school to school, we offer the option to take a placement test to opt out of certain sections of material. You can notate this on your application and during your interview we will explain the process. Taking a placement test to opt out of foundational material requires an additional non refundable assessment fee of $50 and an additional interview with the Director, but may mean that your classes are more tailored for your needs and that we do not require you complete the entire Home and Family or Community Herbcraft Program.

Do you have payment plans?

We offer financing through automatic withdrawal every month for a 3% fee per month that you require a plan. If you feel you have a financial hardship and need something for programs under $1500, please indicate that on your application.

Do you offer work trade or scholarships?

We have some limited availability based on financial need, and inclusivity. Please specify your interest in work trade or scholarships in your application, or go to the scholarships section of our admissions page for more information on our process.

Which programs do I have to apply for?

You will need to apply and pay a deposit towards any in-person program. You do not need to apply to take our online programs. Please go directly to our online platform here.

What is the difference between Apprenticeships and Programs?

Programs are open to groups of 10-20 people that come together to learn over several months, sometimes up to year with mainly classroom, lecture, homework, projects, labs and demos. We take more people, and there is a lot more content covered. Apprenticeships are only open to small groups of 5-10 students per season, depending on the topic and you must be a current student or alumni. This additional training allows for more hands-on work in the gardens, or with specific topics like teacher training, clinical mentorships, or garden work. Apprenticeships are somewhat tailored to the students involved, while programs cover set curriculum.

Can I get a refund if I need to withdraw or can’t make it to class?

Please read our full refund and withdrawal policy here.

What sorts of guidelines do you follow during the COVID 19 Pandemic?

Due to the ongoing pandemic we are limiting onsite offerings. We have many online options for folks now. If you live in Texas, and would like to participate in our hybrid programs, we will be following the following protocols for onsite studies:

We follow the current masking and distancing guidelines from the CDC and local health agencies. We have additional, updated agreements for incoming students so you can read through them when you apply.

Many of our lectures will be online live streams or recorded with live demos. You will have the option of purchasing a herb kit from us to follow along at home and taking many of our programs at home.

We continue to have hand sanitizer, extra sanitation guidelines in place, keep doors and windows open whenever possible, and we do not share food or other items with each other. If someone in your household or workplace has tested positive for the COVID 19 in the past 14 days, we ask that you stay home and quarantine, and come to class with a proof of a negative PCR COVID test. Most lectures will be recorded so if you cannot attend in person, we will still be able to get you the content.

Program students are asked to provide proof of vaccination for in person classes. Anyone not adhering to our protocols or endangering others may be asked to leave the program and is still liable for the full amount owed.

What measures do you take to be inclusive and accountable to each other at the School?

Please see our statement on inclusivity. In order to make our classroom as inclusive and create a safer space for people, we ask that folks agree to some communication cornerstones and guidelines before we work together. One of the biggest is not to make assumptions about each other.

  • We ask students what their preferred pronouns are
  • Ask before touching other students
  • Elevate voices of people that are speaking less than others
  • If a conflict arises, we have a process and it begins by emailing our student services manager


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