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Our gift to budding herbalists because 2020's been......interesting

The beginnings

In 2003, founder Nicole Telkes, took her passion for plants, healing, education, and nature and created the Wildflower School. As curriculum grew and teachers were added, we've remained dedicated to inspiring, empowering, and building a strong herbal community.  The original, onsite offerings were developed in and around Austin, Texas.  The school follows a bioregional Western, holistic tradition.  Read more about our business philosophy here

Core Values

We work to be of service to the plants and our community.  We use herbalism as a tool to build a stronger and healthier world. Social and environmental justice plays a strong role in our evolving curriculum. Read our statement of inclusivity here.

  • Learn and use weedy bioregional medicinal plants
  • Earth-friendly weedcrafting and wildcrafting
  • Deepening connections to plant spirits
  • Herbalists and herbal medicine accessible to all
  • Honoring oral tradition and inclusivity in herbalism
  • Teaching our families and community the responsible, ethical,  and safe use of herbal medicine

Where we are Heading

Our goal is to put a herbalist in every home! Each year, we grow and improve our curriculum based on student and teacher feedback. Over the last two decades years, our small apprenticeship-style program has blossomed into a large, year-round herb school with basic, intermediate, and advanced offerings and over a dozen core teachers and staff.  We keep our onsite classes small, but are excited to have more and more online resources and offerings as we grow.

Growing Amazing Herbalists since 2003

Join us on the green path, or Viriditas Arcana, to learn about plant-based healing of body, mind, and spirit.  Our education philosophy incorporates Vitalism and Deep Ecology into Traditional Holistic Western Herbalism.  We are excited to connect to plants and other people like you, who want to go deep into the quest for herbal wisdom.

  • Hometown Campus: Austin TX
  • Pacific NW and Desert SW Retreats and Classes
  • Online Learning

Some of the subjects we cover include:                            ~Herbal Medicine ~Community Building ~Flower Essences~Traditional Healing~Spirit ~Fresh Plant Tinctures~ Permaculture~Science ~Folk Remedies ~ Art ~ Self Care~Botany~ Free Clinics ~Holism ~Vitalism~ Natural Health ~ Human Life Skills ~Medicine as Resistance ~Plant Walks ~ Gardening ~Body Systems ~ Mystery ~Self-Empowerment~

Next Onsite Texas Program Offering

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Begins February, 2021


New Full Introductory Online Program, Next Start Date Jan 1, 2021

Full Programs

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  • Full online programs in introductory, intermediate, and advanced holistic Western herbalism
  • Live office hours support
  • Bundled with our Membership Libraries: Materia Medica Plant Profiles, and Recipes for Resistance we are adding to every month.
Membership LIbraries


We offer beginning, intermediate and advanced training in holistic western herbalism with a bioregional focus.  No matter where you are on your herbal journey we are here to facilitate you going deeper, whether its foundational materia medica, outdoor skills, clinical training or herbal first aid.


Want to increase your knowledge on a certain subject in holistic Western Herbal Medicine?  We offer intensives, or online minicourses throughout the year on herbal preparation making, properties & actions,  body systems and first aid, plant identification and harvesting, and more.


These are open to small groups of committed herbalists that want to spend more time with the plants or learning hands-on skills in specific areas of focus.  These are an additional charge and open to all with apriority given to our program students.

Artwork by Carla Vargas of Yerba Nomadica
Artwork by Carla Vargas of Yerba Nomadica

Creating Sanctuaries in our Community:

Sowing the seeds of the herbal revolution one wildflower at a time!

Our herb school has educated students in holistic Western Herbalism since 2003.  As our students and alumni thrive and grow, so has the school.  In 2014, we stretched our wings and added a new campus.  We now steward Big Moon Bee Farm,  8.5 acres just east of Austin as a botanical sanctuary, and are proud part of the United Plant Savers Botanical Sanctuary Network.  In 2016, we received a grant from the Native Plant Society of Texas to build garden beds for offering important plants for all phases of the Monarchs life cycle. In 2017 we installed honeybee hives and are now establishing our apiary.  We remain a part of the Austin community with our partners at the American Botanical Council in East Austin, and participate in community outreach through our Wildflower Chapter of Herbalists Without Borders.  Join us on your path as a herbalist, either online or in person.  Learn how to seed herbalism in your own and be part of the important calling of protecting plants and people through herbal medicine


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