Jun 02 2022


5:30 pm - 8:30 pm



LIVESTREAM(Multiple) Viriditas Arcana: Mystery Medicinal Plant Provings

Do you get confused when you are trying to understand plant medicine?  One of my good friends like to say information is not knowledge. Join me to learn how to get to know plants viscerally by flavor and effect on our bodies. Engaging with plants through doing provings is a much more efficient and helpful to know a few plants very well. Think of this class as one would a wine or beer tasting, but we are going much deeper. We will be checking in with our own vitality, the flavors of a plant and seeing if we can figure out how to use a plant without knowing what the plant is. The dissection offered is based on flavors and properties from the Greek and Physiomedicalist Traditions. Participants will be mailed plant material, so you must be signed up within 1 week of this class to participate.  Bonus videos will be shared for participants.

10 meetings(may be taken individually for $45 a class).  Recordings available if you miss a class.

Nicole Telkes is a Registered Herbalist, witchy woman, and activist who’s love affair with plants began as a child. She began practicing professionally as a herbal clinician in the late 90s, and began educating folks in holistic bioregional herbal medicine from a vitalist and feminist perspective in the early 2000s. Nicole has studied Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, and other Traditional healing systems.  She founded the Wildflower School of Botanical Medicine in 2003, teaching year round onsite and online classes in beginning through advanced herbalism. She brings her rich and eclectic background in activism, ecology, permaculture, and holistic western herbalism to her practice. She is the Author of Herbcraft and the Medicinal Plants of Texas