Feb 26 2022


2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Digestive Health, Bitters and Therapeutic Infusions & Decoctions

This is the second class in our Home and Family Program! We have opened up parts to folks unable to commit to all of the classes, or who just want to dip in. This class encompasses everything weedy and wonderful in “prespring”, and introduces you to using nutritive tonics both as food and medicine.
Learn about traditional Digestive Remedies, and learn to make therapeutic infusions and decoctions.

Teachers Caroline Caswell and Mo Bonilla will take you through identifying what digestive herbs are growing around the 2.5 acre property, and will demo making herbal remedies associated with these plants. We will go in depth with about 10 plants or more, and include both indoor and outside time.
Take both classes that day at a discounted price