Apr 24 2022


10:00 am - 1:00 pm

4/24 Alchemy and Distillation Class with Esther Schroeder

In person at the American Botanical Council
In its most basic concept, Alchemy is the art of transformation. Alchemy has been around for many years, its philosophy has been a source of inspiration to a great number of scientists like Isaac Newton, Paracelsus, and Carl Jung.
This workshop will emphasize the medicinal aspects of alchemy, specifically, plant alchemy through distillation using steam.
Alchemy can be used as a tool for personal transformation. The idea of transforming lead into gold will be used in our workshop as a metaphor to transform our consciousness by shifting our focus from a materialistic and isolated world to a reality that is filled with wisdom and regenerative power. Each plant, animal or mineral is filled with a unique essence. Our jobs as alchemists is to learn to release this vital essence from nature and use it to consciously speed up our transformation. The planetary influences on plants and other advance alchemical preparations will also be explained.
About the Teacher
Esther Schroeder is from Venezuela. She obtained her B.S. In Engineering Science from the University of Michigan in 1982. She has worked in major hospitals as a clinical perfusionist and as a clinical research associate.
Esther is also a certified herbalist from the wildflower school of botanical medicine and has studied Yoga Therapy, Alchemy and Spagyrics around United States over the past two decades. She is the mother of three wonderful boys and loves traveling and exploring foreign cultures. She has a distiller and enjoys making hydrosols, botanical lotions and spagyrics utilizing the philosophical principles of alchemy