Aug 10 2023


5:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Sweet Summer Honey Remedies: Cordials &Syrups

The Alchemy of Honey with Nicole Telkes RH(AHG)

Want to learn all about Syrups, Cordials, Shrubs, and Electuaries? Join us for an evening of fun with a focus on cordials and syrups

Honey is a magical, alchemical substance, and a food. It contains many important medicinal properties, and it acts as a preservative. Plant aromatics are easily captured in honey and can be combined to create all sorts of sticky fun. It can be found as a part of ancient medicine from Greece, the Middle East, and Egypt.

Join Nicole Telkes, award winning practicing herbalist.  Some of the many hats she wears is beekeeper, gardener, wildcrafter, author, activist, and clinician. Nicole has been training herbalists for over two decades and brings her passion for plants and health to Whidbey Island in partnership with Hierophant Meadery.

This class will explore all sorts of fun ways to sweeten up your medicine cabinet. We will make summertime remedies for pleasure and first aid from the garden and explore the use honey as a part of common kitchen herbal remedies( as well as tasting different forms of honey remedies).  Participants will be introduced to several fresh common weedy medicinal herbs that they can then combine to make their own special remedy to take home.