Our Facilities

About Our Facilities

The school’s most important classroom is being outside in nature. Some classes are partially indoor and outdoor, some are entirely outdoor. Occasionally, there are optional overnight camping situations for the outdoor intensives. Class locations vary depending on the program.

Classroom and residence at Big Moon

Program classes are held at: Big Moon Bee Farm and Botanical Sanctuary in Cedar Creek, Texas and at the American Botanical Council in Central Austin.  Big Moon is 8.5 acres of loveliness and we do take a few renters in the main space perfect for students moving to town to go to school.  The farm has an apiary, trails, gardens and a large classroom space with a lab and dispensary.  The city campus at the American Botanical Council is surrounded by themed medicinal garden beds and is conveniently located.

Apprentices in programs have additional gardening and apothecary work outside of class. Bus service is available for central Austin locations and we carpool to other locations.