Sample Protocol for nursing yourself at home when you are sick

    So, you’re sick…..  You dont know if you have Covid 19 or seasonal allergies or the flu. 

    Or, maybe you do.  Maybe you’ve been told you have Covid-19 and you’ve been told to stay home by your practitioner.  I created a resource list for folks here BUT sometimes when you are sick you dont want to figure out what to do when.  This is a sample protocol you can follow. Its simple and assumes you have no prior herbal knowledge.  I am also including alternatives for folks willing to learn more and try making remedies.  This is not a substitute for medical intervention if you are infected.  This is to try to help ease your symptoms.  The suggestions are based on over two decades of work as a practicing herbalist with clients and seeing results firsthand, using traditional knowledge, as well as modern studies to back this knowledge up. Please be careful where you obtain information, and make sure you feel comfortable with the source. There is no known cure, holistic herbalists would apply similar strategies with most respiratory infections.

    Questions to ask:  Who is your GP?  Where is the nearest hospital? Do you have a second choice?  How are you getting supplies?  Who can you call, and not potentially expose them to anything?

    Upon Waking:

    • Start boiling water for tea. Take your temperature.
    • Get into the shower and breathe in steamy water for 10-15 minutes.  If you have any essential oils like eucalyptus, rosemary, or mint, sprinkle a few drops in the shower with you. As an alternative to a shower you can perform a herbal steam if you feel up to it.
    • Rinse your nasal passages and oil them afterwards.
    • Take 7000 IUs of D, 2000mg of c and suck on a zinc lozenge. Drink 16 oz of water, at room temperature or warm
    • If you feel up to eating, congee or other porridge for breakfast, no dairy.  No cold foods. Here is a recipe for broth.  Make sure to keep fluids in you. 
    • In the tea water, simmer some ginger, or steep some peppermint for 20 minutes.  Drink Tea. You can choose from different teas, its the hot water that you want to keep in you more than anything.
    • Mash or blend  2 cloves of fresh Garlic or in Honey and take a teaspoon every 2 hours. Here is a recipe with onion that also works.  .You do not need to strain the garlic….
    • If you do not have a fever, consider a brisk, no contact walk if possible or a gentle cardio online routine to create lymph flow.  If you have a fever, get back into bed
    • Take a nap if possible
    • Breathe in more warm steam–every 1-2 hours when you take your garlic.  You can do this in the shower, or as the herbal steam directs
    • Lunch time, get up walk around make some simple foods-cooked not raw, like soups and stews, no dairy  if you are congested. Take your temperature.  
    • Make some more tea and take garlic/honey
    • If you have ability to purchase herbs and make teas: try to obtain licorice, ginger, eucalyptus, mullein, nettles, or peppermint.  Use 1 weighted oz of herbs per 32 oz of water.
    • Herbal cough syrups should include some or the following: wild cherry bark, mullein, bee balm, thyme, elecampane.  Try accessing herbalists if you need help before trying to combine things on your own if possible. They can be taken along with the honey.
    • Try to get some medicinal mushrooms, include reishi, cordyceps or other blends.  Take standard dose every 2 hours with the garlic. We will be posting resources.
    • Do another steam.  Rest, and continue to follow this throughout the day.
    • If you feel better, dont stop.  Continue this protocol for several days after symptoms subside.  If you continue to have a fever or symptoms worsen, please seek medical advice.
    • Drink more tea, take garlic honey, and rinse your nasal passages
    • Try to nap again
    • Eat a simple dinner
    • Do a steam and take a dose of herbs before bed, suck on a zinc lozenge and take your temperature before bed.


    Be Well!