The Wheel of the Year: Holistic Seasonal Winter Wellness for Herbalists

Winter Wellness with herbs

Phlegmatic time of year: Cool and Moist in Greek Medicine.

This is the Physiomedicalist Tissue state of Dampness and Depression.  Tissues need stimulation and to dry out.

Wintertime is a good time to rest and recharge and move inward. To ponder and think. Many times we think of this time of year as a time to start new habits and activities. It would be more in tune with the rhythms of the year to actually NOT start a bunch of new things. Spring is a better time for that.

Foods to consider

Add spice to your food.  Avoid dairy and gluten or other phlegm producing foods. 


Start the day with warmth.  Exercise in the morning, get your body active early and stretch.  Take a warm bath or a shower in the morning.  Do a scrub or lymphatic brushing in the morning.  Make sure you get yourself moving everyday and sweating if possible.  Saunas or hot baths are helpful.  Be gentle with yourself!  


Morning rituals of gratitude, breathwork and getting out into nature.  Do what lightens your load, including deciding who and what you have around you.

Herbs to Help Stay Joyful and Well in the Winter: Calendula, Rosemary, Lemon Balm, Ashwaganda, Chili Pepper, Ginger, Turmeric

Remedies we make with our students and have available in our apothecary for our Winter Community Supported Herbal Shares: Fire Cider, Elderberry Immune Cordial, and Bright Spirit Blend with Euphoric Herbs