Jun 04 2023


2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

The Better Side of Bitters with Corey Gusnowski

Join us as we deep dive into making herbal tinctures from fresh and dried plants using alcohol as our extraction method. We’ll discuss the bitter component of herbs, their actions in our bodies, go over some of my favorite bitter herbs to work with in tincture making, and will build a formula together. This class will be steeped in community herbalism, and is right for you if you feel called to deepen your understanding of making alcohol-based tinctures or are just looking to bring bitters back into the forefront of your brain. Whether you’re a new herbie or well-versed with wisdom to share, we invite you to join in on this interactive herbal remedy class.

We will be covering some intermediate concepts of solvency, ratio, and percentage, so a background in herbalism would allow you to go deeper. Participants are asked to bring a small jar and will be going home with their own remedy.

About the Instructor

Corey Gusnowski is a herbalist, mama, doula, and owner of EZ Herbs Dispensary.  She is a graduate of the Wildflower School and worked as a long time buyer at People’s Pharmacy.  Her knowledge in herbalism stems from over a decade of experience.