Lunar Altars & Botanically Guided Ceremonies


Learn to construct botanically guided ceremonies and altars with Jesus Garcia

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What better way to celebrate the eclipse? Oct 14 10-1:30PM at Bastrop Gardens.  Details sent to registrants 24 hrs prior to class.

In this class we will connect deeply to the lunar spirit as we journey through traditional elemental herbalism rituals and community healing practices. Join us in the moon garden as we heal the land, bring forth our connections with ancestral calling and move through the garden spaces in gratitude and healing blessings.  Open to all levels.

This class is led by Jesus Garcia. Jesus Garcia is a traditional Mexican shaman sharing the education of spiritual herbalism, energetic light work and plant guided healing through ancestral and family lineage practices. Private & Community education for mind, body and spirit healing. Reverend & Community Minister, Nondenominational Faith Guidance.