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The Energetics of Evergreens

A closer look at the trees that became symbols of the Winter Season from Nicole Telkes In cultures in the Northern hemisphere with colder climates, coniferous evergreens are an

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Juniper by student contributor Anna Derengowski

Juniperus spp. Juniper/Cedar Cupressaceae By Anna Derengowski Wildflower School 2012 Tastes: bitter, pungent, sweet, warm, dry Properties/Actions: astringent, diuretic, bitter,

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Cedar Fever-sigh

Don’t get me wrong.  I love Cedar.  I use it medicinally, I think its beautiful.  In my opinion its only so prolific because we have created a system that is

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Common Hill-Country Texas Medicinal Plants

Central Texas Hill Country is a very unique bioregion consisting of limestone and aquifers that bubble up to the surface and back into the ground. There isn’t much soil, or

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Juniper, Juniperus

 Juniper’s official Latin name is Juniperus.  In Central Texas, this plant is commonly called Cedar.  The trees in the Northwest and Northeastern U.S. called

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