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Lungfire Seasonal Remedy

In celebration of the recent cold front, I went to sleep with all the windows in my home open.  In Central Texas, the brutal heat had finally broke and I was looking forward

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Wildscaping & Wild Cultivation of Native Texas Edible & Medicinal Plants

Originally Published for the Native Plant Society of Texas in 2009 Abstract: Wildscaping and wild cultivation of native plants offer areas for wildlife and habitat

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Late Fall/Early Winter Wild Texas Medicinals

Texas is weird. Growing and collecting plants is a hard call. The most influential factors for collecting plants in the wild are temperature, light, how much rain we’ve

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Cactus, Opuntia

Prickly Pear’s official latin name is Opuntia.  This is a large grouping and there are about a dozen species of opuntia that are referred to as prickly pears, with several

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