Herbal Remedies for Sunbaked Skin

We are creatures of light and water.  As someone, who spent a significant portion of my life in what could be best called, extreme heat, I have some strategies for taking care of your skin that I teach to our students as they go into clinical practice. As a holistic therapist, I treat the skin…

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Planning a Fall Herb Garden In Texas

Texas climates are very unique. We do not have regular seasons in most of the State, and for those of us in the Deep South, Fall is one of the best times to plant. We have less bugs, less heat and more water. Herb gardening is often much easier than vegetable to begin with, so…

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Bioregional Herbalism: 10 Wild and Weedy Herbs of the Pacific NW

The Pacific NW is a stunning and absolutely majestic bioregion.  Think moss covered forests, mushrooms, big trees, drizzle, waterfalls, rivers, and breathtaking mountains.   As a herbalist, it evokes a feeling of awe to see what happens in a bioregion that has a somewhat mild climate(in lower elevations) and abundant rainfall.  Together this equals huge…

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Herbal First Aid for Outdoor Lovers

Dedicated to all the gardening, hiking, protesting, camping, swimming, foraging, biking, plant lovers out there! Remember: Don’t act outside your scope Think before you act Be Prepared: Build a kit now! Before you go somewhere   Learn the actions of the weeds of your bioregion Seek out Basic First Aid Training as well as Herb Classes…

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Weedcrafting: Wildcrafting for the next Generation of Foragers

Dedicated to Dona Enriqueta Contrera-Gonzales, Herbalist and Midwife of Oaxaca Mexico Changing your perspective, using critical thinking skills and being a thoughtful opportunist This is a time of extreme challenges and changes on Earth.  Wildlands and wild things are disappearing at an alarming rate.  Many herbalists are drawn to following the age-old tradition of collecting…

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13 Ways for New Years to Deepen Your Herb Practice

Here we go into another solar rotation. Many of us want to find ways to change our lives and live closer to nature and the earth. Herbalism is a great way to stay connected to the wild in you! I have found simple solutions over the years to share with you on how to deepen…

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